Kris Brown has played with such diverse legends as Cyril Neville, Charlie Robison, Arlo Guthrie, Birds of Chicago, Everton Blender, and War. His curious folk music is fueled by great guitar playing, strange tunings, and far out images. Kris released Looking for my Zero on the heels of 2013 and spent 2014 writing tunes in lots of different cities while logging nearly 30,000 miles on tour in buses, vans, planes, ferries, and a badass Buick. The new release, Pies in the Sky, is the chronicle of those travels. Additionally, Kris is deeply invested in music education and production. Despite the difficulty in branding a career that wants to straddle these different realms, Kris is generally regarded as a top cat in each of them. 

credit and (c) Mike Shore 2014